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2024 New Grooming Clients!

Thank you for your interest in our dog grooming services. Currently, we are accepting new dogs upto and under 65 pounds. No large dogs over 65 Pounds due to limited large kennels. Mini & Medium sized Doodles upto 45 lb  are welcome. Our current large dogs clientele includes Standard Australian Shepherds, Doodles, Golden Retrievers, German Shepherds, Collies, Labrador Retrievers, etc. We are unable to accomodate more large breed dogs at this time.

At Suburban Mutt, it is our goal to offer every pet a unique salon experience. We use premium shampoos and conditioners that are all natural and make your pet feel amazing. We take pride in individually hand blow drying each pet and taking the time to brush out each pet completely. We DO NOT use cage dryers!

Since grooming session can last about 3-4 hours for most small to medium sized dogs, we do let certain pets, on certain days hang out in our closed indoor daycare area-only one pet at a time or pets from the same family. Dogs are not caged for long periods of time and are taken out for a potty break.

Grooming Salon opens at 9 a.m and closes at 4 p.m.

Express service is offered at no extra charge for dogs on prescription medication for extreme anxiety, kennel anxiety or dogs that are 9 and older (senior dogs). Like many pet grooming salons, we do like to get them home sooner. Let us know when making an appointment if your pet needs EXPRESS out for any one of these reason. Senior dogs should be able to stand in the bath tub and on the groomer's table without assistance, in order to get groomed. We do refer older dogs to groomers' at a Veterinary Office/Hospital so they can be groomed under supervised veterinary care. 

Pick up after such grooms is requested within 30 minutes once groom is complete.

Any other request for an EXPRESS groom is extra.

We try our best to get your pet ready and out the door!

Our salon has glass windows so you can see how we work and take care of your pets while they are with us.

Our groomers will be happy to talk to you about that special haircut your pet needs or any concerns you may have. 

Multipet discount is offered on 2nd/3rd pet from the same family. Grooming is by appointment only. Call 281-574-4440 for questions.

Doggie Day Care for small and Medium dogs is available weekdays  9 a.m. - 6 p.m./Currently closed.

Package 1:
Basic Bath - Short Haired Breeds
Pugs, English Bulldogs, Rat Terriers, Labrador Retrievers, etc

Small Dogs: $35-$40 (under 20 Lbs.)
Medium Dogs: $50-$65 (21-45 Lbs.)
Large Dogs: $70-$75 (46-65 Lbs.)  

Includes following services (No Haircut).

  • Moisturizing massage bath with natural shampoo
  • Nail Trim
  • Paw Pads Trim
  • Ear Clean
  • Anal Glands Expression (on client request only)
  • Brush/Light Deshed
Package 2:
Basic Bath - Long Haired Breeds

Package 1 & 2 are No Haircuts.

*Shih Tzus, Maltese, Pomeranians, Collies, Golden Retrievers, Shelties, etc

Small Dogs: $60-$65
Medium Dogs: $70-$75
Large Dogs: $80-$85 

Includes following services (No Haircut).

  • Moisturizing massage bath with natural shampoo & conditioner
  • Face & Tail Trim
  • Ear Clean/Ear Hair Pluck, if needed
  • Nail Trim
  • Sanitary Trim, Trim on pants (shelties, collies)
  • Paw Pads Trim, Paws Rounded Off
  • Brush out of Coat
  • Anal Glands Expression (on client request only)

*Additional charges MAY apply for any other trim AND for Long Haired Breeds, Dogs with Thick Coats, Doodles or dematting, depending on weight/size of breed ($5-$10). We will let you know before the groom if any additional charges will apply.

Package 3:
Full Groom / Custom Haircut & All Services from Package 2

**Small Dogs: $75-$80
**Medium Dogs: $90-$95
**Large Dogs: $100-$145 


  • Full Groom
  • Custom Haircut
  • Plus all services from Package 2

**Additional charges apply for Poodle Mixes, Doodles, Long Haired Breeds depending on weight/size of breed ($5-$25).

Package 4: Mini Grooms Available
Package 5:
Doggone Awesome (Our Best!) Full Groom PLUS Blueberry All Over, Nail Grind and Teeth Brush

Small Dogs $85-$90
Medium Dogs $95-$115
Large Dogs $150-$160


  • Custom Haircut/Long Haired Breeds
  • Relaxing Blue Berry facial and massaging blueberry shampoo all over body
  • Teeth Brush
  • Nail Grind
  • Plus all services from Package 2

Additional charges may apply for certain breeds with thick coats and or long fur that requires additional groom time.

Package 6:
Puppy Bath (4 - 6 months old) No haircut-includes all of Package 2 Basic Bath

$55-$65 (Long haired breeds)

($5-$10 additional charges may apply for Long haired large breed puppies)

Add On Services $5-$15 Includes

  1. Teeth Brushing (included in Pkg. 5) $5
  2. Blueberry Facial (included in Pkg. 5) $5
  3. Nail Grinding $15
  4. Only Anal Glands Expression $10-$15 (No Bath),This service is INCLUDED in Basic Bath Pkg or Full Groom Pkg)
  5. Special Haircuts like Mohawk $10 for head/$5 additional for Back
  6. Deshedding Treatment $10-$20
  7. Express Groom/ASAP out $10
  8. Ear Hair Pluck Only $10-$15 (This service is INCLUDED in Basic Bath Pkg or Full Groom Pkg)
  9. Nail Trim $12
  10. Clean Feet $10 ( for breeds other than Poodles). Clean feet is included  in groom packages for Toy Poodle, Medium & Standard Poodle).

Service 5 & 9 require appointment & are done on special request.

There are additional charges for heavy de-matting, Tick & Flea Treatments or any special condition your dog may have.
Grooming Days:
Appointments available 4 days a week-Tuesday through Friday.

Additional Days: 1st Saturday of the month only  Available dates listed on online booking website.

Current shot records required on or before day of groom-Rabies & Bordetella. Vet's Office may email them to us at or bring copy on appointment day. Shots are required prior to any service, including single service, (like nail trims only). Shot records must show Veterinarian/Animal Hospital name, client address and pet details. We reserve the right to refuse service if shot records are not received prior to grooming service or are incomplete,

If your pet has had recent surgery other than spay and/or neuter, we require a veterinarian's note clearing your pet for grooming. This is to ensure that we provide the best possible care for your pet.

Let us know if your pet has undergone recent spay/neuter surgery. No vet note needed.

Book your pet's Appointment by clicking here! 
We will email you a confirmation as soon as we receive your appointment request. Please note grooming appointment is not confirmed until we accept & send a confirmation to you.

Book by Phone - Call: 281-574-4440

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