'Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole' - Roger Caras

Suburban Mutt was born to meet the growing needs of the pet community in the neighborhood and for our love and commitment to man’s best friend. Our mission is simple and that is to earn your trust by offering you the very best in pet food, products and grooming services.

So whenever you decide to come in to shop or get Fido or FiFi styled by one of our groomers, you will see that we are not about just earning your business.


We live in the neighborhood too and love how you care about your pet. Your pooch is happy, healthy and howlistically well because of you-because you choose to give it a lifestyle that includes good wholesome food, lots of playtime, walks and regular visits to the vet and groomer. We believe…like you that they deserve the best that any grooming salon or pet store has to offer.

For us at Suburban Mutt, it is all about your pet. Really.

Meet our Mini Dachshund gals, Gracie and Julie. At our house, it's all about them and we wouldn't have it any other way!
Our heart goes out to homeless and abused pets, who deserve our best too. By supporting local rescues and shelters find loving homes, we do our best, as your neighborhood store, to make a difference. We donate supplies, toys and food to local shelters whenever there is a need brought to our attention.
Check out our Community Section regularly for ways to join hands with us to help our less fortunate canine and feline friends.
Thank you for visiting our website! 
Sunaina Mathew

Owner, Manager

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